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Circular RNA not only functions as a potential competitive target for miRNA, but also regulates transcription and interacts with RNA-binding proteins. Because of the structural stability of the circular form, these molecules are promising candidates for intervening in a number of biological pathways, and may be a high value tool for pharmaceutical research in human and photosynthesis in plant.

Based on our previous research, we systematically investigated 622 RNA-Seq samples from 87 indepedent studies hosted at NCBI SRA, and extracted all related circular RNAs. To improve the prediction accuracy, we not only applied a straightforward metric to screen and rank the circular RNA, but also incorporated exon boundaries as well as circular RNA candidates from previous studies into this resource to provide robust evidence for experimental biologists. In regards of the interaction between miRNA and circular RNAs, we utilized psRNAtarget and TAPIR to evaluate the statistical significance. Together, this database will host all predicted and validated Arabidopsis circular RNAs, and provide valuable and comprehensive information for studying this newly emerging non-coding RNA.